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Blacklyte Soft Launch Now, Desks And Chairs For Gamers.

by Mirrona LLC 02 Jan 2024

Get ready to immerse yourself in a world where technology meets lifestyle, as Blacklyte brilliantly combines the realms of work and play like never before. Their vision is to empower you with a lifestyle that’s not just smart, but truly extraordinary! 

Experience illuminated living and elevate your day-to-day with Blacklyte’s cutting-edge products, including the new Atlas Gaming Desk and Ares and Athena Chairs – all ingeniously designed with groundbreaking technology and innovative features that enable customers to personalize their space to suit their lifestyle and make every moment uniquely theirs.

Blacklyte is pleased to kick off their presale for select products today, September 19 at 3PM PT/6PM ET, with exclusive discounts available for a limited time only! Customers are also encouraged to sign up for Blacklyte’s mailing list to enjoy an additional discount on their purchase.



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