The Secret History of Secretlab

The Secret History of Secretlab

If you’ve ever been on the lookout for a comfortable gaming chair, chances are you’ve come across the name Secretlab at some point. But what exactly is this company and how did it become one of the leading names in gaming chairs? Let’s take a look at the back story of Secretlab.

Secretlab was founded in 2014 by three friends—Ian Ang, Alaric Choo, and Ryan Ho—who all shared a passion for gaming. At that time, there weren't many options available when it came to finding a comfortable and affordable gaming chair. As such, they decided to create their own line of chairs that could provide gamers with the comfort and support they needed while still remaining affordable.

The trio set out to create the perfect blend of form and function by combining materials like cold-cure foam, premium PU leather, memory foam lumbar pillows, and durable steel frames. Through careful research and development over several months, they eventually launched their first product—the OMEGA chair—in August 2015. Over the next few years, they would continue to refine their products and launch new lines including TITAN and NEO.

Today, Secretlab is one of the leading names in gaming chairs with its products being shipped to over 40 countries worldwide. The company has won numerous awards from publications such as Laptop Mag and TechRadar for its innovative designs and comfortable seating solutions for gamers of all shapes and sizes. In addition to its core range of chairs, Secretlab also produces accessories such as mousepads, desk mats, footrests, stands—all designed specifically for gamers who want an ergonomic setup that can improve their gameplay experience.                                                                                                                                                                     

In just a few short years since its inception in 2014, Secretlab has established itself as one of the premier manufacturers of gaming chairs around the world by consistently creating high-quality products with an emphasis on comfort and ergonomics that appeal to both casual gamers and professional esports athletes alike. So if you’re looking for a reliable chair that will keep you comfortable no matter how long you play or what game you’re playing—Secretlab has got you covered!

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