Athena's durability isn't just about 
strength; its a testament to her 
enduring beauty.

Athena chooses the luxurious embrace of Polyester Filament fabric, renowned for its softness, smoothness, and skin-friendly qualities. In comparison to standard nylon, Athena's choice offers superior wrinkle resistance and remarkable colorfastness, assuring a gaming chair that stands the test of time in terms of both comfort and quality.

Multi-Adjustable Armrest

These precision-engineered marvels allow you to effortlessly adjust in all four directions, thanks to our meticulously crafted internal mechanism. Elevate your gaming chair's armrests to match your desk's height, granting superior support for your wrists and elbows as you conquer virtual realms. Alternatively, slide them beneath when you need to lean forward into the cosmic fray, ensuring a seamless and comfortable gaming experience.

Timeless and Tireless 
Healthy Gaming For 24 Hours

Extend your playtime with no more aches and pains!
The self back design helps you find the right angle to sit for gaming or work.


Maximum angle

168 °

Crafted with Gamers in focus, this built-in reclining feature amplifies comfort, promotes ergonomic support, and offers the flexibility to tailor the chair to fit individual gaming preferences.

Master Your Mobility: Innovative 
Roller Wheels and Brakes

With these wheels, you'll never have to halt for a pit stop. They won't scratch any type of flooring and eliminate the need for chair mats. Glide silently and smoothly in all directions at 360 degrees. Additionally, they come equipped with wheel locks to cater to your requirements in various chair scenarios, significantly enhancing the chair's stability and adaptability.