Earphone hook Designation

By employing thoughtful design, space utilization is optimized without encroaching on the desktop, thereby creating a more comfortable storage experience.

Lifting adjustment
Sit or stand, You Decide

Enjoy the flexibility to select your desk's height with precision, from 600mm to 1250mm. This electric height adjustment mechanism allows for quick transitions between sitting and standing, effortlessly adapting to your preferred style in a matter of seconds.

single concealed 
power supply column

The built-in power system of the Atlas Desk discreetly 
employs a sole hidden cable running through the desk 
leg, connecting seamlessly to an internal electrical 
socket. This setup empowers both your desk and devices 

wire wrangler tray

Bid farewell to cable chaos as you seamlessly guide all your wires into the Wire Wrangler Tray. This innovative tray also incorporates a power supply, providing a convenient hub to plug in your devices. That's the epitome of innovation!