Atlas Desk

  • Shape: Rectangular, designed for office environments.

  • Height Adjustment: Features a dual-motor system for smooth and reliable electric height adjustment.

  • Magnetic Accessories: Compatible with various magnetic office accessories like
    book stoppers, file cabinets, and pen holders.


Pixel Pad

  • UV Light Integration: Features a built-in UV light with a wavelength of 395 nm, designed to minimize any potential harm.
  • Eco-Friendly Design: The strip base is eco-friendly and recyclable, with an aluminum bulb core to enhance durability and reduce environmental impact.
  • App Control: Comes with a self-developed app featuring an open-source system, encouraging partnerships and collaborations.


  • Pixel Configuration: 64x64 pixel layout, offering a 16-bit design that evokes a retro, old-school gaming aesthetic.
  • Display: Tailored for showcasing pixel art, animations, and other creative visuals.
  • Material: Made with PVC injection, ensuring durability and a quality finish.