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Ergonomic Chairs

Experience unparalleled comfort with dedicated shoulder, back, and lumbar support, all reinforced by a sturdy steel frame for exceptional stability.

Elite-level Desk

The ultimate immersion with our Atlas gaming desk. Featuring responsive, dynamic lighting that syncs with game play. Level up your gaming setup with Atlas.


Tailored settings to suit your needs. Enjoy unparalleled fun to level up your experience through our accessories line up.

Work-Life balance is ignited with our ergonomic furniture

Our ergonomic chairs are thoughtfully designed to cater to a diverse range of users and various settings. Introducing the Athena X Series, crafted with input from ergonomic specialists to ensure optimal comfort for everyone. Pair it with our Atlas sit-stand desks to bring back the joy in both work and play.

BLACKLYTE Athena X ergonomic chair for seamless work and play

Our acclaimed Athena X ergonomic chairs are meticulously crafted to support the varying needs of a range of users. From intense work sessions to immersive gaming experiences, its unparalleled comfort will surely impress.

Ready for your testing challenges

Drop Test

BLACKLYTE Athena X has been rigorously tested to withstand 102kg (225lb) of weight, free-falling from a height of 152mm (6in) to the center of the seat without any loss of functionality. Since the seat height is adjustable, the tests are conducted once at the highest position and once at the lowest position to ensure outstanding durability and stability at all heights.

Blacklyte Athena X chair has undergone swivel testing and can withstand a 122kg (270lb.) load for 120,000 cycles of rotation without any loss of serviceability. The test includes 60,000 cycles at the highest seat position and 60,000 cycles at the lowest seat position, ensuring durability and stability in all conditions.

Blacklyte Athena X chair has been rigorously tested and can maintain perfect functionality even after enduring 300,000 cycles of moving the mechanism between the front and back stops with a 109kg (240lb.) load on the seat.

Blacklyte Athena X chair has successfully passed rigorous testing, proving its capability to withstand a weight of 57kg (125lbs.) free-falling onto the seat from a height of 36mm (1.4in.), and after 100,000 cycles, it remains fully functional without any loss of serviceability.

Gaming chairs inspired by esports teams

Elevate your gaming experience with chairs inspired by your favorite esports teams. Feel the adrenaline of the battlefield as you sit in seats endorsed by your beloved squad, channeling their passion and excitement into every gaming session.

Athena X Chair

Atlas Desk

Unlocking potential

Every person and organization have the potential for greatness, and we have the tool to unlock and empower it.

Read what our customers have to say about BLACKLYTE

Awesome Chair for Dads!
Excellent chair! Fabric feels better after 2 weeks of usage, lumbar support keeps my lower back in check after hours and hours of sitting.
Justin S.
Awesome Chair!
I just recently received my Blacklyte chair which was a gift from my wife on my 40th birthday! It is totally awesome! Everyone in our house were in awe when I was…
Marvin C.
Best chair I've Had
This is chair is very comfortable and easy to build and use. I love the magnetic cushion for my head.
Elliot D.
Blacklyte Athena X Chair
I love this seat, the compression of the head pillow is amazing and it is already helping fix my posture.
Leanne M.
Great gaming chair
Overall this is been an excellent purchase. My previous chair was about 6 years old now and thought it was time to upgrade, so i took the plunge and went with Secretlab and their…
William W.
Excellent chair!
It is the best chair I have ever sit on it. It is what you expect from a 500$ chair
Efstathios K.