Established in 2021,  Blacklyte stands as a pioneering entertainment company at the forefront of innovative technology.

Recognizing the diversity of individual preferences and desires, we are dedicated to meeting those unique needs. Our commitment is reflected in the development of cutting-edge features and a comprehensive smart control system, empowering users to personalize their entertainment experiences according to their distinct tastes.  Blacklyte holds a significant presence in the e-sports, intelligent lighting, and trendy peripherals industries.   For further details, please visit our website at goblacklyte.com.

Growth & Expansion

BLACKLYTE has made significant strides in establishing its presence in the gaming chair market since its entry in June 2023. The company has forged key retail partnerships with prominent entities such as Best Buy Canada and Costco Canada, alongside garnering interest from Canada Computers. This expansion is part of a broader strategy to reach global markets, focusing on the U.S., Europe, and Asia. Furthermore, BLACKLYTE is diversifying its product line to include a variety of gaming accessories and ergonomic furniture, aiming to cater to a more extensive consumer base and enhance its market footprint.

Marketing Achievements

High engagement at the Licensing Show, attracting interest from Bilibili, Ubisoft, etc.Participation in charity events in collaboration with CCYAA, featuring public figures like Simu Liu and Uncle Roger.